Sheep Friends

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Jul 29 2013 - Dan
Hi, I really like Billy but I was just wondering, would you ever going to update the media player so it can also play opus and aac/m4a files?

Jul 25 2013 - Jason
Awesome apps!! thx

Jul 19 2013 - Lisa
Billy is the best and lightest music player I have. I dunno about the rest, but 80% of my music collection have Japanese filename and Billy handles everything smoothly.

Jul 11 2013 - Gmirreh
Billy is my go to music player for the past 9 years or so.

Thank You.

Jun 05 2013 - Alexis
Billy is the best... until I try to play a .mp3 with japanese chars in the filename :(

May 22 2013 - Ingmar
Billy is so great, thank you very much for it. I just discovered that it plays FLAC, too. Simply amazing. Thank you!

Apr 17 2013 - Jorge
Billy is awesome. It manages to start up before any other programs on windows startup, because it's so lightweight!
It currently won't play files with unicode filenames though :( Even with that it's still awesome.

Apr 04 2013 - jfhopkin at
I don't know what I'd do without Billy. What a superb little player, especially ideal for quick listens to sound files.

Mar 01 2013 - nouthriss
Infinitely thankful for Billy; using it for... two years at least, by now. Worked switfly even with wine on linux, last time I checked.All the best wishes and, once again, a Big, Big Thank You.

Feb 20 2013 - Tomy
Very nice audio player! Love the "Play and open its folder" feature. Could You please fix the latest 04k beta Error5 Function CheckFile... Unknow file format...? Keep up a good work!