Sheep Friends

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Compare performance
Billy intentionally doesn't support MP3 id-tags and doesn't show the playing time from each song. Though this may seem a big disadvantage, you could ask yourself how often you really need those two things. Especially when looking at the speed you win.

1st time load/read of 4000 MP3-tagged files
Winamp 5.0377 sec
Winamp 2.9178 sec
Billy4 sec

2nd time load/read of 4000 MP3-tagged files
Winamp 5.036 sec
Winamp 2.910.5 sec
Billy0.09 sec

Network load/read of 4000 MP3-tagged files
Winamp 5.03107 sec
Winamp 2.9148 sec
Billy5 sec

Memory usage
Winamp 5.03~13.8 MB
Winamp 2.91~9.8 MB
Billy~6.5 MB

Billy uses Bass (Un4seen) as its decoding engine. This engine has awesome quality and uses 28% less CPU than winamp's decoding engine. Measured with Intel VTune.

Main test system
Intel Pentium IV Prescott 3.00 GHz
Windows 2000
512 MB memory
7200rpm 8MB cached harddisk
23.6 GB of 3924 MP3 files in 364 (sub)folders

Network test system
Intel Pentium II 266 MHz
Windows 2000
128 MB memory
7200rpm harddisk