Sheep Friends

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Version history

Version 1.04k beta - Feb 27 2008
  • Fix in trayicon

Version 1.04j beta - Feb 24 2008
  • Fix in refresh (F5) functionality

Version 1.04i beta - Feb 15 2008
  • FLAC support
  • support (playing history)
  • ID3v2.4 tag support (view only in properties)
  • Musicbrainz support and replaygain values extracted, no support yet.
  • Recording with "pre" functionality in radio streams
  • Dedicated shortcuts for Shuffle/Repeat
Thanks all for the patients..

Version 1.04b beta - May 2 2005
  • Play and stop buttons
  • Support more thena 10.000 files
  • Special functions are in an extra menu called "tools"
  • Radio support
  • Minor changes

Version 1.03
  • Favorites organizer
  • Layout issues playlist solved
  • Queued broken file bug solved
  • Faster start-up
  • Faster scrolling
  • Documentation update

Version 1.02
  • Documentation update
  • Setup update
  • Small layout improvements

Version 1.01
  • Favorites are sorted now alphabetically
  • Shuffle bug
  • Sleep timer (ALT+T)

Version 1.00 - totally updated
  • Faster
  • Network support
  • Gapless trackchange
  • Favorites
  • Queing
  • No longer internet radio support. There will be a new dedicated Billy radio version for this soon.

Version 0.21
  • Fixed list for radio stations. Billy radio: CTRL + 0.
  • Self made tree directory listing in order to get much more speed and stability. Hit F5 to update the tree. No bullshit of old cached data anymore.
  • Finally tracks can be dragged (winamp style) to change the order.
  • Added support of the following types: PLS, M3U, B4S, ASX, MP2, MP1, WMA, MOD, 3SM, IT, MTM, MO3, OGG.
  • Able to click in IE on a radio station and launch billy. (PLS, M3U, ASX).for example:
  • Batch filename convertor. Check it out! Select multiple files and hit F2.
  • Find function. Can be handy. CTRL+F or just start typing and see.
  • Introducing a record functionality in the radio mode. You can now directly press a record "button" if you hear a cool song on the radio and save it to your disk. Because it's directly, you don't have to worry about billies volume, or windows mixer volume settings, pure data! To record press the / key on your numpad!
  • Billy has a cool pre-record cache. Check the tool tips in the settingsbox.
  • Ctrl+C on a selection will copy the filenames in your clipboard.
  • F9 toggles between filename and full path.
  • F8 toggles between filename and sammy style.
  • Removed columns mode, no-one seems to use it :)
  • Many many tweaks, bugs, speed issues.
  • Cleaned and optimized code, reduced the pure exe size with 150K.

Version 0.20
  • Many issues in auto focus solved.
  • Many speed issues.
  • Many tweaks.
  • Shortcut changes, see F1.
  • Welcome message has now been replaced by displaying the shortcut form.
  • Added directories are sorted, but NOT the previous added ones.
  • You can now also sort on pure filename. So not only on full path.
  • Refresh (F5) -> check for new files in the last opened directory.
  • Setup engine.
  • Producers: ALT + (0..9) sets the amount of columns.

Version 0.19
  • Auto focus played item after 60 sec.
  • Shell enqueu function. See settings.
  • A few volume levels in the tray popup menu
  • Next track in the tray popup menu
  • Make a Windows shortcut to billy.exe "-quit", which quits the active billy.
  • F1 opens a box with the shortcuts Billy has.
  • Maximize flickering bug solved.
  • Welcome note to new users, to explain the basic shortcuts.
  • Minimize to tray shortcuts changed to CTRL + F12
  • Settings shortcut changed to F4
  • Reduced CPU when minimized to tray.

Version 0.18
  • Some major improvements related to CPU usage and Threads handeling.
  • Fixed some bugs in settings box.
  • Added some extra properties to the file info box (F2).
  • Fixed bug in opening filenames with double spaces in shell.
  • Shoutcast stream title bug fixed.
  • Fixed some layout issues.
  • Fix on playing more files at the same time which occured sometimes.
  • Fix on refresh in open dir box.
  • Removed print functionality
  • Time updated when scrolling the song position bar.
  • Better live streaming notifications (ie. buffering, server timeout, can't connect...)

Version 0.17
  • Drag & Drop support of files now also works in player mode.
  • Repeat bug solved in player mode.
  • Property bug solved in player mode
  • Player mode has his own VU Style now.
  • Player mode can be maximized now (and saves that window state)
  • Player mode Maximize & Restore bug solved.
  • Performance improvements when selecting no VU.
  • Billy now remembers old root dir in session.
  • CTRL + SPACE now maximizes the Wave Volume and Mixer Volume.
  • CTRL + SPACE now unmutes the Wave Volume and Mixer Volume.
  • CTRL + SPACE now reset the panning of the Wave Volume and Mixer Volume.
  • Open playlist shortcut changed to Ctrl + L.
  • Simple print function for playlists (CTRL + P).
  • Max files limit nicely caught.
  • Radio files now have a different colour :)
  • Changed the softmute volume a tiny tiny bit louder.
  • Drag & Drop support of complete folders! (special sammy request)

Version 0.16
  • Volume can now be controle by numpads + and -
  • Softmute shortcuts changed to the upper right key of you controller. Pause/Break.

Version 0.15
  • On Shuffle mode you can go back a song (shift tab). The next song is shuffled again. History of 5 played items looks enough for me.
  • Explorer openes only when playing a file or have file(s) opened.
  • Right mouse click on transport bar doesn't affect song position.
  • Documentation is in html now (due a new tiny app called BRian :)
  • Drag & Drop support of multiple files!
  • Maximize & Restore bug solved.
  • Form restorer when starting outside your screen area (resolution change problem)
  • Artwork update

Version 0.14
  • A lot of layout issues solved.
  • A lot of bugs solved.
  • Many difficult visual window/systray/focus bugs solved for different OS's.
  • Shortcut changes.
  • New function: Change the order of files (press Ctrl+UP & CTRL+DOWN).
  • Quick easy playlist system.
  • Columns introduced in playlist, may be usefull in fullscreen for some users.
  • Toggeling modes from all functions.
  • Introduced Sammy style viewing.
  • Improved playlist loading performance by ~20%
  • File info box (F2)
  • Direct delete file function (shift + delete)
  • Rebuild Icons function code from Laurenz, thanks! The last one was screwing up his computer :)
  • Internet Streams (live radio) is now possible, Shoutcast and WMA streams. (Alt+R to add a url) It's in the early stages now, so no clicking on links on internet yet. You could add your favorite radio stations and combine them as a quickplaylist on Ctrl+0 for example :)

Version 0.14 - 0.01
  • I hate this number so i skip it.

Version 0.12
  • Changes in documentation.
  • Refresh (F5) in Open dir box.
  • Title updates also in minimize mode
  • Introducing beta(!) playlist system.
  • Move of form in maximize mode not permitted.
  • Soft Mute remembers old volume state.
  • Softmute goes to 35% instead of 18% because of the rewritten volume algoritm.
  • Playing file is now hard red, later a user selectable color, but the default windows clHighlight color was too foggy.
  • Shuffle list clears when pressing twice on Zero numpad (stop).

Version 0.11
  • Improved stability: Because of additional functionality I forgot to remove some test code which made the player enourmously unstable. Playing wav files very fast to each other and clicking every sec on other files made the thing crash this all because of some divison by zero error related bugs. Which caused by the syncronizer which tried to play the nextfile at the same time as a user click. Conclusion: just use this version and not 0.09 or 0.10.
  • Tiny layout bug solved in filenames with a "&" char in it.

Version 0.10
  • Some tiny layout issues updated.
  • Falloff VU does the job also at a stop procedure.
  • Crash bug when minimized solved.
  • Filename automatically cut when larger then window.
  • Add File & Add Dir added (Ctrl+O) and (ALT+D).
  • Clear list (select all and press del key).

Version 0.09
  • Shuffle really shuffles now :)
  • Infinity VU led stays on
  • VU cleans after playing a CUE file.
  • Single player remembers player height (drag for statusbar visible or not)
  • Small registry update.

Version 0.08
  • Faster close.
  • Minimize to tray is F11
  • Player saves VU Style also.

Version 0.07
  • Gert VU engine updated
  • Meal VU engine added :)
  • Volume slider has better feeling now
  • Registry entries updated and corrected due Windows 98.
  • ESC is always exit now.
  • One instance only activated.
  • Some single player bugs resolved.
  • Played item has highlighted color now
  • Played items in shuffle become gray

Version 0.06
  • Play modes resimpeled (default is repeat all) new shortcut for play modes: CTRL + M Ctrl+ S and Ctrl+R are no longer valid.
  • Next and Previous song added (TAB and Shift TAB)
  • Play Stop Pause added in pulldown menu

Version 0.05
  • bug solved in saving players width

Version 0.04
  • Shell intergration
  • Single File Player modus (very basic still)
  • Registered file types system in settings
  • Detail box has Registry entries
  • Icons for Billy registered types

Version 0.03
  • Vu on/off switch (Ctrl+V)
  • Repeat modes (Ctrl+R)
  • Shuffle mode (Ctrl+S)
  • Fixed a lot of tiny bugs
  • Improved some speed issues

Version 0.02
  • aboutbox added
  • credits added
  • different version added
  • starts faster due window optimisations
  • enabled autorepeat
  • minor improvements
  • added stop key (press twice nulpad 0)
  • made this documentation
  • CTRL+E opens explorer on current file dir
  • ESC key is minimize in playlist mode & exit in single file player mode
  • Many open dir bug solved
  • Multi select list enabled and solved the neccecary bugs
  • Dir box remembers its size
  • Some layout changes

< 0.01 - Mrt 2003
Before 0.01 there was: Billy build 4, 3, 2, 1. And far before that there was an old Billy called "Grandpa Billy".